Four Of Your Most Urgent Portable Toilet Questions Answered!

Americans love the opportunity to entertain their families and friends and summer makes doing so even more fun with the opportunity to host these large gatherings outdoors. But even though an outdoor setting offers benefits such as plenty of space and no need to worry about HVAC systems, one disadvantage often applies - a lack of convenient restroom facilities. The use of portable toilets, however, can solve this problem, quickly, easily and affordably. If you have never utilized a portable toilet service to help with a special event, the following information will answer many of your questions and make the process even easier. 

Question 1) How many portable toilets should be ordered? 

While there is no hard and fast rule for the number of portable toilets needed for event usages, the most commonly used figures suggest one toilet per 25 guests, with additional toilets needed for events where the attendees are likely to use the facilities more often, such as those where alcohol will be served. To be sure you are ordering the correct number, remember to discuss the event, makeup of the crowd, and the planned menu with the portable toilet customer representative before placing your order. 

Question 2) What can be done to make the portable toilet area more private? 

Easy ways to provide more privacy for the area in which you have chosen for portable toilet use include: 

  • using a large decorative banner tied to steel t-posts or trees in front of the portable toilet area
  • stacking bales of straw or hay to make an attractive barrier wall in front of the restroom area
  • using tall potted shrubs and plants to form a living fence in front of the portable toilet area

Question 3) Some of my guests are elderly or disabled - will they be able to safely use these facilities? 

Yes, portable toilets are available in models that will easily accommodate elderly users and those who use mobility devices, such as canes, walkers, crutches, and wheelchairs. 

Question 4) Are there odors to contend with when using portable toilets for my outdoor event? 

If you are having a reputable portable toilet service deliver your units, there should not be any unpleasant odors associated with using them for your event. When the units are delivered, water will be added to the tank along with a solution that helps to contain unpleasant odors. It is important to remember, however, that odors can be a problem if not enough units are ordered to handle the hygiene needs for the number of people and type of event you are holding. To avoid this problem, always ask your customer representative to assist you with selecting the proper type and number of units for your specific needs. 

Contact a dealer, like Gotta Go Portable Services, for more help.

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