Remodeling A Bathroom? Overhauling A Septic System? Extras That Can Help

You never realize how truly important a toilet is until you do not have one. Then you wonder how people in developing countries ever manage to do without. If you are remodeling a bathroom or overhauling a septic system, you are going to be without a toilet for some time. If you have another working toilet and bathroom in the house, the bathroom project is not so bad. However, the septic system project without a toilet means that NONE of your toilets in your home can be used. Either way, the following helpful extras will seem like life-savers.

Portable Toilets

Yes, they are just toilets, but when you have to go two or three days without an indoor toilet in your home, the portable toilets are going to feel like a godsend. If you are uncomfortable with having your closest neighbors see when you head outside to use the toilet, park the portable john right next to your back door. If you park it so that the stall makes a right angle with your back door and you can walk out your back door and right into the toilet, your privacy is practically secure.

Portable Sinks Too

Given that NO plumbing may be used during a septic project, you may also want to order up a portable sink. These washroom sinks connect to your outdoor garden hose, and soap is provided with each rental. Yes, it is cold, but it is far healthier than not washing your hands at all. Just think of it as the sinks you used at summer camp when you were a kid; it is the same kind of delivery method and the same approach. Most portable toilet companies offer portable sinks so that you can rent both at the same time.

Deluxe Trailer Bathrooms

Of course, if you need a full bathroom (which you would when your entire septic system is uprooted--not so much when remodeling a bathroom), ask for a deluxe trailer bathroom. These things are entire commercial restrooms on the inside, with stalls, urinals, and sinks with mirrors. On the outside they do not look like much at all. They cost a lot more to rent, mostly because they operate on fully functional indoor plumbing. Still, if you are totally uncomfortable with neighbors knowing what you are doing, contractors seeing where you are going, etc., then a deluxe trailer bathroom might be the right option for you.

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