3 Signs Your Home's Septic Tank Is Leaking

If your home's septic tank is getting old, you may wonder if it has become damaged in any way that would make it leak. However, since you cannot actually see the tank, you may find it difficult to determine whether or not there is a hole or rip in it. Fortunately, there are a few signs for which you can look to see whether or not your septic tank is leaking.

1.  Foul Odors Permeate the Air Around the Tank

If you are used to having a septic tank, you may be familiar with a faint odor whenever you approach the drainfield. This field is a vital part of the septic system, as it helps leech off the gray water so that your tank does not back up.

However, if you start to detect a foul odor in the air around the tank, this is a sign of a problem. More than likely, the tank is leaking refuse out into the ground surrounding it. As this refuse makes its way to the surface, the smell of sewage becomes stronger.

2.  Grass Directly Above the Tank Grows Fast

A terrible odor is not the only sign you will find when your septic tank is leaking into the soil surrounding it. Since the wastewater is nutrient dense, the added moisture and food will nourish the grass.

As a result, you will find a patch of grass that is lusher and greener than the rest of your lawn. While this may seem like a positive side effect of a leaking septic tank, it means that the soil is also contaminated with waste materials.

3.  Ground Above and Around the Tank Stays Soggy

If you do see a patch of grass in your yard that is unusually green, walk around on the patch while wearing a pair of moisture-proof boots or shoes. When there is a problem with leakage from your septic tank, you will find that the ground stays soggy. You may even find that water gushes up around your feet with each step you take.

If the leak is not fixed, the ground will continue to stay wet and start to break down the soil. Eventually, the ground will become compacted, creating added weight that could further damage your septic tank.

If you strongly suspect that your septic tank is leaking, you need to have it taken care of as soon as possible to avoid further problems and contamination. Contact septic tank repair services like American Septic Service to have them inspect the system and take the appropriate course of action to fix it.

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