4 Septic System Improvements To Reduce Issues With Overburden And Plumbing Problems

The septic system of your home is vulnerable to problems due to overburden, which can lead to problems with household plumbing and the drain field. The good news is that there are improvements like retrofitting concrete or adding secondary tanks to prevent these problems. The following septic system improvements will help prevent problems with overburden that lead to plumbing frustrations:

1. Retrofitting Old Concrete to Stop Problems with Leaks and Contamination

Older septic systems often have concrete tanks and other components that decay, crack and fail; leading to serious problems with the system and plumbing. If you have an old concrete tank, you can either have it replaced or retrofitted with a liner. Retrofitting older tanks is a great option to prevent problems with cracked tanks and contamination.

2. Installing A Distribution Box for Better Filtration in Drain Fields to Prevent Clogged Lines

The distribution of liquid waste from the tank to the drain field is important. Often, direct drain field lines cause problems with the filtration of this effluent. To solve this problem, a distribution box can be installed to ensure that the waste fluids are evenly distributed to the drain field and prevent serious problems.

3. Additional Treatment Tanks to Improve Waste Treatment and Undersized Tanks

When the septic tank for your home is undersized, it can cause several problems, such as solids not breaking down and the tank becoming full quickly. To solve this problem, you will want to have a secondary treatment tank installed. This will help improve the break down of solids and prevent you from constantly needing to have your septic tank pumped.

4. Septic Pump Systems to Improve the Distribution of Waste To Drain Fields

Septic pumps are another solution that can help improve the performance of older or undersized systems. The septic pump will be installed in a smaller secondary tank and help distribute liquids to the drain field to filter through the soil. This is a good solution to deal with problems with older tanks and drain fields that do not filter waste as they should. You may want to combine the installation of a septic pump with other improvements when you are upgrading your system.

These are some of the septic system improvements that will help prevent problems with overburden and household plumbing. If your septic system is overflowing, contact a septic tank pumping service and talk to them about some of these improvements to solve the problems.

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