3 Major Advantages Of Having A Title Five Inspection Conducted When Selling A Property With A Septic System

If you plan on selling a home that is reliant on a septic system, then you have to do things a little differently than homes with traditional plumbing. More specifically, you need to have a Title Five Inspection performed. Doing so will benefit you in so many ways. 

Protect Property 

Before your home is ever placed on the market, you need to know about the condition of the septic system. Failing to do so can result in costly repairs if the septic system is indeed in poor condition. A Title Five Inspection will let you know exactly what condition integral components are in. 

A thorough report will be made by a licensed inspector, who will go over these results with you. They'll make a note of any major problems, if there are any, with your system. You can then have them fixed before more costly issues occur that then affect your property's overall condition and value. 

Keep Buyers Interested

Buyers who plan on investing in a property with a septic system know the risks they're taking, which is why they want to have the Title Five Inspection performed just as much as you do. Not having this inspection done before listing your home could prevent you from attracting as many buyers.

You don't have to worry about this so much when a Title Five Inspection is performed before your home is listed in papers and online. Once this inspection is performed and you pass, you can confidently market your home and keep buyers from backing out because of unknown septic system issues.

Avoid Lawsuits

There are certain states where having a Title Five Inspection performed on your property's septic system is required by law. Failing to have this inspection performed before you go to list could result in costly penalties.

Buyers could claim that you intentionally didn't have one of these inspections performed because you were trying to hide major issues with the septic system. When you get this Title Five septic inspection performed and let buyers know exactly what condition the septic system is in, you can avoid any potential lawsuit. You'll be completely protected from a legal standpoint. 

Selling a property with a septic system can be a little challenging, but it's always necessary to have a Title Five Inspection performed. You'll then be able to circumvent a lot of future issues that waste your precious time and money. Look for a professional who can perform a Title Five Inspection on your home. 

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