Six Factors That Make Portable Toilets Essential For Your Special Event

It's important to arrange for portable toilet rentals as part of making plans for your special event. Overlooking the need for portable toilets could be disastrous for the success of your event.

There are numerous factors that make portable toilets necessary. The following are six factors that make portable toilets essential for the success of your next special event. 

Comfort of attendees

The comfort of your attendees needs to be a priority for your special event. If you want your event attendees to have a good time, you need to keep adequate toilet facilities available to them. This way, they'll be able to relieve themselves without having to leave the venue.

Attendees who are more comfortable overall are going to be easier to please. They'll leave your special event with a higher level of satisfaction in the event and with your company/organization.


Making portable toilet facilities available gives your event attendees an area to use the restroom and clean up. This will improve event hygiene.

Hygiene is important for the health and safety of event attendees. It's especially important to do everything you can to optimize hygiene if you're serving food at your special event to keep things clean and germ-free. 


If there aren't adequate toilets available at your special event, you're probably going to find that attendees don't stick around as long as they would otherwise. This will bring attendance down.

If attendees don't have to leave the venue to use the restroom, they'll stay longer and contribute to better overall participation at your event. 

Public relations

Offering portable toilets at a special event shows thoughtfulness on the part of your company or organization. This leads to general appreciation among the public and perception of your company/organization as being responsible and generous. 

Protection of facilities

Special events that draw a big turnout can put a great deal of demand on existing facilities. If you have a lot of people using your building's existing plumbing facilities, your building is more likely to experience plumbing malfunctions.

Portable toilet rentals can minimize the demand placed on your indoor restrooms and, therefore, protect your facilities during a special event that draws an unusually large crowd. 

Clean-up tasks

Portable toilet rentals can help with trash disposal and general clean-up at your event. Attendees can use trash cans within portable toilet units to dispose of garbage. This way, attendees will be less likely to leave trash lying around or to fill up your own venue trash cans with garbage.

Portable toilet rentals, therefore, can help minimize work when it comes time to clean-up tasks after your special event. 

For more information on portable toilets, reach out to a local septic service.

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