Septic Repairs Your System Might Need When It's Leaking Sewage In Your Yard

When you notice sewage in your yard and a foul odor on your property, your septic tank could be in trouble. When your septic tank spills or leaks toxic water and sewage on your lawn, you'll want to fix the problem fast before your kids or pets get near the mess. Here's a look at the reasons a septic system leaks and the repairs you might need to have done.

Reasons A Septic System Leaks

A common cause of septic system problems is a broken pipe. Your tank has a pipe on one side that comes from your house and a pipe on the other side that leads to a distribution box that's connected to other pipes that go to the drainfield. Like any sewer pipe, these pipes can crack due to tree roots or old age.

It's also possible for the septic tank to crack and start leaking. If a baffle in the tank is damaged, water can leak through it too. Sewage might also accumulate on your lawn if the drainfield fails and the water can't filter down through the soil and just sits on top instead.

Septic Repairs That Could Be Needed

The septic repair professional will probably start by pumping out the tank so the sides and bottom of the tank can be seen clearly. If the tank has a crack, it might be possible to repair it with concrete filler. If the tank also has tree roots in it, the roots have to be cut away and cleared out of the system.

If a bad pipe is to blame, the pipe might need to be replaced, especially if tree roots caused the pipe to collapse. If the concrete baffle in the septic tank crumbled and is allowing the tank to leak, the old baffle may be removed and placed with something different so the leak stops.

The distribution box might also need to be cleared of tree roots or have cracks repaired. If the pipes on the far side of the box are full of roots or clogged, the contractor might use a hydro jet or drain snake to clear the pipes.

If the problem is with the soil in the drainfield, it might be possible to bust up the soil so it starts draining again, but the contractor might need to install a new drainfield in a different area instead.

A leaky septic tank is something that has to be repaired due to the risk of contamination to your property and anywhere else the sewage drains and contacts. Fortunately, septic repairs are often a matter of pumping out a tank that's too full, clearing clogs from pipes, and sealing cracks in concrete. However, in serious cases, it might be necessary to put in a new tank or drainfield.

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