Six Key Considerations When You Buy a Portable Bathroom Service Truck

Portable bathroom service trucks are important when it comes to accommodating the needs of staff members, customers, and partners for many organizations. If you need to acquire a portable bathroom service truck for your organization, it's important that you take all key considerations into account before choosing a particular service truck option. The following are six key considerations when you buy a Portable Bathroom Service Truck for Sale

The application

The first consideration you need to take into account is the environment in which you need to use your portable bathroom service truck. Consider how many people will be needing to use your service truck over a given period of time. Also, consider the climate in which the truck will be used. It's important to mention these considerations to the company that you're working with for your portable restroom service truck sales needs. This way, sales staff will know the specifications of the truck model that will be right for your needs. 

The size of the tank

The tank size and the size of the truck itself are key considerations. The size consideration is important both in regards to how many people will need to use it and how often you plan to have the truck emptied. Consider your distance from your waste disposal facility when you consider tank size. If your waste disposal facility is located close by, it will probably be most efficient to choose a tank size that is on the smaller side. 

The material of the tank

There are several options to choose from when it comes to tank materials. You can choose tank materials including stainless steel, aluminum, and polyethylene. When it comes to appearance, stainless steel and aluminum generally look best. However, polyethylene tanks usually weigh less and therefore offer better efficiency. 

The location of the seller

The further your seller is away from your property, the more expensive transportation costs will be. Try to find a portable bathroom service truck seller located close to your facility if you're looking to minimize transportation costs. 

Maintenance needs

Like any other piece of equipment, a portable bathroom service truck needs to be maintained. Discuss maintenance needs with the seller before you make a purchase. 

The warranty

A portable bathroom service truck is a big investment. As such, it's a good idea to secure your investment by purchasing a service truck that comes along with a decent warranty. Make sure you are aware of the warranty terms before you make a purchase. 

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