Tips To Plan And Arrange For Portable Restroom Rental

When you are planning an outdoor event, you will need to plan for appropriate restroom facilities for your guests. Here are some recommendations for you to consider as you plan for an upcoming portable restroom rental.

Plan For Placement

Your portable restrooms are going to be essential at an outdoor event, especially since you want to keep the area clean and the environment protected. If you need the portable restrooms in your backyard, be sure the service truck will be able to access your property to service the restrooms each day after their use. However, more important is that you can get the restrooms into your backyard area. Check the dimensions of the portable restrooms you want to rent to be sure they will fit through your fence gate or around any structures.

It is a good idea to set up the restrooms against a building or fence, which will provide support to the unit against extreme wind blowing it over. And place them in an area where they will be visible to your guests, but not be in the way.

Choose the Right Type

There are several types of portable restrooms that you can rent for your event, depending on what type of restroom access you want to have available and your budget. You can find a standard restroom unit that provides basic restroom access, but you can also upgrade to a unit that has the capability to flush. And if you expect to need a handicap-accessible restroom, you can request one that is slightly adjusted in its size and accessible capacity to allow for easier use.

The number of portable restrooms you need will also vary, and you should plan to select the appropriate amount to serve all your guests. If your event will have food and drink, including alcohol, you will need to increase the number of portable restrooms available to accommodate the extra usage. However, you can calculate an appropriate amount based on your expected number of guests and if you will or will not have food and drinks available. Talk to your portable restroom customer service agent for a recommended calculation for your needs.

Look at Restroom Additions

In addition to renting a portable restroom, there may be extra items you will need to rent alongside its use. If you plan to use your restrooms after the sun sets, you will need to think about lighting for the interior of the restrooms. You can attach a battery-powered LED light to the inside of your restrooms, or you can position the restrooms below an outside streetlight or porch light. This light will illuminate the interior of the restrooms when they are positioned below the light because the roof of the restroom is made of clear plastic. 

You should also consider adding a handwashing station, with either soap and water or a hand sanitizer dispenser. This is an essential detail, especially with the coronavirus present in the world, and it will help your guests stay healthy.

For more information about renting toilets for events, contact a local rental service.

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