Tips To Ensure Your Septic System Remains In Good Condition For Years To Come

Does your home or property use a septic tank and system to ensure proper waste disposal? If so, you'll want to keep an eye on this critical part of your property, as it often can require a bit more maintenance than a traditional plumbing system. Here's how you can make sure your septic system continues to serve you and your household well for years to come.

Be Aware of Its Location and What's Nearby

One of the easiest septic system maintenance tasks is one that some homeowners pay no mind to until it's too late. Your first objective should be to locate where your tank and the septic lines are within your property and then make sure that this area is free of potential obstructions or other issues. If there is a manhole cover over the tank, be sure that there is not a buildup of debris in the summer or snow in the winter over the cover. If you have trees in your yard or want to install additional shrubbery, always be aware of where the roots may be growing and be ready to cut them back or cut them down if you fear that a root is growing too close to a septic line.

Cut Back on Your Water Usage

If you want your septic system to go longer in between pumps, you need to have a talk with your family about everyone's water usage. A long shower might feel great every once in a while, but it's doing your tank and system no favors, especially if that long shower if followed up by another one or by someone doing laundry. Consider installing more water-efficient fixtures and appliances as well.

Don't Make Your Septic System's Job Harder Than It Has to Be

When you have a septic tank and system on your property, every member of your household needs to be aware of what can and can't go down the drain. The kitchen in particular is a problem area for some families. Grease and solid food should always be disposed of in a garbage can, not the drain. Your toilet should only have water and waste in it, not your sanitary napkin or even facial tissue. Make sure you get toilet paper that is easily dissolvable and built with septic systems in mind.

Regular Pumping From a Maintenance Professional Is Key

For best results, get your septic tank and system inspected and pumped every two years or so. It wouldn't hurt to even do an annual inspection even if you don't need to get it pumped every year.

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