Need Septic Service? Tips For Pumping Your Septic This Winter

If your septic system is giving you problems, it's time to have the tank pumped. If you've decided to wait until spring, you need to rethink that decision. You might think that it's a good idea to wait for warmer weather, but that's not the case. If you wait too long, your septic system could overflow. If that happens, you're looking at a big mess. You're also looking at expensive repairs. Are you worried about having your septic tank pumped during the winter? If you are, read the information provided below. Here are four tips to get ready for winter septic service. 

Get the Hot Water Flowing 

If you need to get your septic pumped this winter, start with the drains. Food and waste can freeze inside the drains during the winter. Unfortunately, that can interfere with proper septic service. That's why you need to get the gunk all the way to the septic tank before you call for service. You can do that by heating up the pipes. Before you schedule your septic service, flush your drain pipes with hot water. The hot water will loosen the gunk, and flush it through to the septic tank. 

Let the Crew Do the Digging

If you need to have your septic pumped this winter, leave the digging to the septic crew. Digging through frozen soil can become a difficult task. This is especially true if there's an ice or snow pack covering the septic field. The septic crew has the tools they need to dig through the frozen soil. As an added benefit, they'll cover the septic field up when they're done emptying the tank. To avoid digging altogether, have your septic company install septic risers. That way, your septic tanks can get accessed without digging. 

Empty Both Septic Tanks

If your septic needs pumped this winter, don't stop at the first tank. You might not know this, but most septic systems have two tanks. The first tank holds the solid waste. But, the second tank is where the liquid waste gets stored. Emptying both tanks will keep your system running smoothly all winter long. Emptying both tanks will also extend the time between service calls. 

Clear the Septic Drain Lines

If your septic system gets a lot of use, be sure to have the septic drain lines cleaned. When your septic system gets overused, clean drain lines can prevent sewage clogs. Clean septic drains can also prevent issues with septic odors. Do you plan to host holiday parties this winter? If you do, clean septic drains will help prevent embarrassing septic situations.

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