4 Signs You Need Emergency Septic Tank Pumping Services

It can be challenging for the average homeowner to determine when a septic system needs to be emptied. Unfortunately, some wait until it is too late to schedule septic services. In this case, you need an urgent tank pumping service. Professionals may recommend emergency services as the best way to tackle the following problems.

1. Backup Issues

Have you noticed pools of smelly water in your toilet, bathroom, or kitchen? You could be experiencing septic backup, indicating the need to empty the tank. A neglected tank overfills and pushes waste water back into your home. Backup issues could expose you to numerous health hazards if your loved ones come into contact with the wastewater. It could also lead to water damage and pest infestation. Therefore, if you experience a backup, you need an emergency service to manage the situation before it worsens.

2. Septic Alarm Alerts

Routine inspections help in detecting high effluent levels before the alarm goes off. However, if you are too late and the alarm suddenly goes off, you'll need to contact the septic pumping team immediately. This means the effluent level is beyond the hazardous mark, which could lead to leaks and tank damage.

Sometimes the alarm goes off due to suspected leaks within the system. It is best to address the issues as soon as possible. Don't wait for regular services if the system warns you of impending danger because things could get out of hand.

3. Standing Water Around the Tank

You may notice pools of water around the tank. This happens when the system fills up and leaks, leading to floods around the tank. You could also find traces of solid waste around the yard, which signals that the drain field is faulty. You must report the issue to a septic pumping company immediately and request emergency help to avoid trouble.

4. Unpleasant Sewage Smell

Pooling water and unpleasant sewage smell often go hand in hand. The unpleasant smell might also signify limited space in the tank. Therefore, the air in the tank is pushed out of the system, masking your surroundings. The smell could be too toxic to withstand and make your home uninhabitable, which is why you need urgent services.

Your septic tank ensures that your plumbing fixtures and drainage system run smoothly. These are some situations that cannot wait for regular services. Talk to professionals immediately to inspect and empty your tank before the situation gets out of hand. Reach out to a septic pumping service near you to learn more.

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