24-Hour Emergency Septic System Services: When To Consider Using Them

If your property is reliant on a septic system, there might be issues that surface out of nowhere. If you have to face any of these dilemmas, you can respond aptly by using 24-hour emergency septic system services. 

Smell Bad Odors Outside

A pretty good sign that something is wrong with your property's septic system is if you go outside and can smell bad odors. This probably means your septic system's piping has a leak that's causing human waste to get out. This is an emergency to respond to quickly.

You can use 24-hour emergency septic system services from a company and thus keep this situation under control. Septic system experts can examine your property and the septic system to see where the structural issue is. They can then perform a repair to fix the leak and keep your property from smelling from here on out.

Suspect Contaminated Well Water

If you have both a water well and a septic system, then there's always a chance of water contamination. If you suspect this has happened to your drinking water, it's important to respond as quickly as possible and use 24-hour emergency septic system services.

A septic system expert can test your well's water to see if the septic system has indeed contaminated it. If it has, they can find out why and address the issue promptly before anyone in your family gets sick. There might be pipe leaks or drain field problems that you need to address quickly for example. 

Human Waste Backs Up in Toilets

Your septic system is supposed to collect human waste that comes from your property. So, if this waste comes back up your toilets, this is a serious issue and probably means the septic system is clogged somewhere. Emergency septic system services are appropriate for this problem.

You just need to let a septic system company know about this backup so that they can come out quickly and bring with them the appropriate equipment to remove the blockage. For instance, they can flush your sewage lines with pressurized water and send down commercial cleaners to break up the blockage as quickly as possible.

If your property relies on a septic system, it's important to realize emergency problems could happen at some point. As long as you know how to identify them and respond with professional assistance, you can keep any septic system issue controlled until a repair is performed by a licensed contractor.

To learn more, contact a septic system service in your area such as DWR Waste Removal & Septic.

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