Got Septic Problems? Signs Your Commercial Lift Station Needs Pumping

If you have a commercial septic system, you need to pay attention to the lift station. You might not realize it, but the lift station needs service too. Lift station problems can cause your commercial septic system to fail. That's why you should keep your lift station in good condition. That includes following a schedule for lift station pumping. If you haven't had the lift station pumped in a few years, read the list below. Are you dealing with any of the issues described here? If so, it's time to schedule pumping for your commercial lift station. 

Warning System Is Sounding

If you're worried about your commercial lift station, check the alarm system. Most commercial lift stations have built-in alarm systems. Those alarm systems give a warning when there's something wrong with the lift station. Most lift station alarm systems give either an audible or visual warning. If you hear an alarm or see flashing lights on your lift station, schedule a service call right away. Your lift station needs to get pumped as soon as possible. 

Waste Has Stopped Draining

If waste won't drain from your commercial lift station, call for service. Lift stations can get clogged with waste like grease and fat. In fact, grease and fat can clog the switches and float inside the lift station. When that happens, the lift station won't drain properly. That can lead to backups and odors. Luckily, there's a way to keep your lift station draining. Have your lift station pumped as soon as there's a slow-down in the drainage. 

Lift System Won't Activate

If your lift station won't activate, don't wait for maintenance. Several issues can stop your lift station from activating. One of those reasons is a lack of power. If your lift station won't activate, check the power source. If there's power, you need to call for service as soon as possible. Blockages and impeller jams can stop power to the lift station. Emptying the tank will clear the blockage and free the impeller jam. Once those issues get cleared up, your lift station will activate. 

Lift Chambers Are Blocked

If non-biodegradable products get flushed down the drain, service your lift station. Feminine hygiene products and flushable wipes do serious harm to septic systems. But, they also harm commercial lift stations. To prevent problems, have your lift station pumped before the system fails. 

Don't take chances with your commercial septic system. If your lift station isn't functioning right, it's time to get the system pumped.

To have your system inspected, contact a lift station pumping service in your area.

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