How To Choose A Good Time To Start Your Septic System Installation

If you're thinking of getting a new septic system installed, plan on the process taking several weeks. There are preparation phases to go through, and then the actual work has to be done in good weather, so you may have to wait to get started. The exact time you start your septic system installation depends on your local climate and when the rainy season falls and when cold weather starts. Here are some points to consider about when to get your septic system installed.

Start The Preliminary Work Weeks Ahead Of The Installation

To prepare for the septic system installation, you'll need to have a soil test completed to make sure the soil is suitable for a septic system. You'll also need to obtain a permit, and that alone might take a few weeks if your codes office is slow to process permits.

You'll also need to hire a septic system contractor so they can complete their inspection, testing, and other preparation work. You can have all of this preliminary work done during the rainy season or winter when weather conditions aren't suitable for digging in the ground.

Avoid The Rainy Season When Possible

Since spring and summer are often wet seasons, it's best to plan your septic system installation for late in the summer or early in the fall when the weather is dry. The crew won't be able to dig in wet soil, and it takes time for the soil to dry out after rain. Trying to install a septic system when it rains frequently could cause the installation to take weeks instead of the days it would otherwise take in dry weather.

Plan The Work For Temperatures Above Freezing

Frozen soil is too hard to dig, so the installation contractor would probably prefer to work in warmer weather when digging is easier and faster. To avoid both rainy weather and cold temperatures, you may need to schedule the installation period for late summer. Autumn may also be possible unless temperatures drop below freezing during autumn in your local area.

If you need to install a new septic system on an emergency basis, the contractor may be able to install your system during any season of the year and just shut down work when necessary. It will take longer to put a new septic system in place in bad conditions, but you never know when you'll luck out and get a stretch of really good weather and get the work done fast.

The date of installation also depends on the availability of your contractor. They might be busy during the end of summer and the beginning of fall, so you may need to wait for an open space on their schedule before work can begin.

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