Clues That Your Septic System Is In Need Of Repair Work

If your residential property is not hooked up to the public sewage system, you probably already have a septic tank in place. It is an underground tank that holds all of your waste and wastewater until it is time to have the tank emptied, which happens every few years. While it is a fairly simple setup, there is always the chance that something could go wrong. You will want to make sure that you are well informed on the clues that would point to you needing professional septic tank repair work. Here are a few of those clues that you will want to keep in mind: 

There's Suddenly Water Pooling 

If you notice that there's water pooling in your yard, especially around the septic tank area, this could be a serious sign that your septic tank is in trouble. This is usually a result of your tank becoming too full and overflowing. You might want to think back to the last time you had the septic tank pumped. Has it been more than a couple of years? If it has been more than three years, there's a good chance the tank is overflowing. If you did have the tank pumped recently, it could be that there is a crack in the tank. If you see water where it shouldn't be, it might be time to call in the pros. 

There's A Terrible Stench

Smell is a big indicator of trouble with a septic tank system. Remember, your septic tank is holding all your waste, so if you're starting to smell something unpleasant, especially around your drains or outside near the tank, it's probably not a summer breeze. It's more likely that there's a problem with your septic system.

The Drains Are Not Clearing Properly

If you're experiencing slow drains throughout your home, your septic tank might be the culprit. Sure, it could be a simple clog, but if it's happening in multiple drains, it's more likely the tank. If the draining issue is contained to one particular drain, you might just need a drain clog remover or a plumber to clean it out for you.

You Spot Grass That Is Extra Bright And Full

Lush green grass around the septic tank area might seem like a good thing, but it's often a sign your tank is leaking into the soil and over-fertilizing your lawn. If you've got the greenest grass in the neighborhood and you're not a gardening enthusiast, you might need septic tank repair.

These are just a few clues, but they're important ones. If you spot any of these signs, you should get your septic tank checked out by a professional. Remember, it's always better to catch these things early, rather than dealing with a full-blown septic disaster.

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